Legend Showcase


Legend Showcase 是一間專門生產即時展示櫃的公司,他們專為中國以及香港展覽製作活動性高的展示櫃。整個LOGO則以“活動性”、“組裝簡易”來做設計,並且應用在公司名的縮寫LS,以簡易的圖形來拼湊描述出簡易使用、並且好看、也擁有高使用性。

Legend Showcase is a company specialized in the production of instant display cabinets, they are especially for China and Hong Kong exhibition or shows.

The whole LOGO is “active”, “easy to assemble” to do the design and the abbreviation used in the company name LS.A simple graphic to put together to describe the simple to use, and good-looking but also has high usability same with their products.